Elton Hollis About Work Life Balance For Young Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs focus on their work relentlessly which often leads them to burn out. Running a business is more about having strategies that will bring better results than grinding day & night without a proper plan. People who pursue business and entrepreneurship as a career shouldn’t forget that health is the real wealth. Outside of the company people have their families, supportive group of friends, personal hobbies, and more. Business is such an amazing tool that helps individuals to have time, freedom as well as financial independence. Younger entrepreneurs need to acknowledge this fact and not limit themselves within an office. 

Meet Elton Hollis, one of the successful serial entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder of Golden Triangle Industrial Group and the owner of  Hol-Tech Resources, LLC. and General Manager of RT Technical LLC.  He is also an investor, mentor, and one of the  Silicon Valley Times Top 100 Entrepreneurs.

Our team reached out to Elton to get some tips and advice for our young readers in business. Here is our recent interview with him, we hope the audience will find some insights for balancing work life. 

Hello Elton, thank you for making time in your busy schedule for us. We’re excited to share your view on business & the need for work-life balance. Can you please guide our audience?

Elton Hollis: Work, work & work has been a serious problem in our world nowadays. Many people are going through frustration and depression because they aren’t able to enjoy their life. Working on something that you are passionate about is great, but it shouldn’t overshadow your entire life. Our body can perform extreme and work on complex tasks but it also requires proper recovery. Continuous work causes tiredness, less motivation, and ineffective work.

Work-life balance is easy to create and maintain with proper planning. Create a schedule of time for wellbeing, work, entertainment, and learning. 

Wellbeing: In the morning focus on exercising, eating healthy food, connecting with nature, and inspiring people around you to have a better day. 

Work: After starting your morning with a strong healthy routine, prepare for work. Don’t check your phone and email as the first thing of the day. To accomplish things during the day, you need to energize your body & mind in the morning.

Take breaks: During the day, it’s important to take breaks for drinking water & refreshing the mind. As a business owner, getting out of your office and checking on staff will bring motivation to them.

Learn: The way businesses work is regularly changing. Successful business owners often take breaks/vacations to grow their knowledge. While running a company, an individual must find time where he/she can learn more and network. This helps to come back to business with new ideas & motivation and also allows the body to recover.

Leave work at work: To live a happy life and enhance a relationship with partner & children, it’s important to not bring the work at home. Many business owners often regret not giving enough time to their families. Create a scheduled time where you can have fun and not think about work. Businesses are built to make life better, not stressful. 

Thank you for sharing this great advice with our readers. At the end can you briefly share how Golden Triangle Industrial Group can help our audience.

Elton Hollis: We’re the team of business experts at Golden Triangle Industrial Group. We provide all sorts of business training to grow a company. We help with hiring ideal employees, team management, marketing strategies, customer care, business networking training, and more. 

If you run a business and are having problems, feel free to reach out to us any time. We have proven strategies and years of experience in growing a successful business. 

Every business and individual needs help at some point, don’t feel ashamed to ask for support. We are here to guide you to increase your business sales and help you achieve your dream.

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