Turnaround Specialist Makarand Utpat About How To Use The Full Potential Of Digital Marketing

Marketing is maybe the most discussed and complex aspect for today’s modern entrepreneur! With the world being digital, new opportunities and possibilities open. At the same time, it also becomes more complicated and challenging for brands, modern experts, coaches, consultants and purpose driven entrepreneurs to stand out and keep up visibility, trust, and sales.

Makarand Utpat is an expert for digital-, social media-, content-, and video marketing and is a perfect example of how to take the full potential of digital marketing as a business owner.

Growing up near one of the world’s biggest slums, poverty was nothing new. He said: “Life is about possibilities and not problems”. This quote brought him to where he is today: a successful coach, speaker, book author, and specialist in the field of marketing, quoted in Expert Insights Radio, TV Asia, Published! magazine and more.

“When you succeed, I succeed. I believe in this kind of win-win relationship”– Makarand Utpat

Digital marketing is a very complex system of tools and strategies that helps to increase visibility, build trust and generate traffic. Having a website is not enough! Having a social media platform is not enough! What you need today is client-getting, lead-generating website. What you need is a coordinated strategy that complements organic social media growth with the right content, Paid Ads, a copy that sticks and your campaigns targeted towards the right audience. Without experience and knowledge, digital marketing is a useless construct.

As the online world is moving and changing faster every second, the methods must adapt. A lot of business owners or entrepreneurs make a one-time investment to be “digital” (website or blog) that certainly inflates their ego but never consider the changes occurring around.

One of the most important aspects to be able to use the full potential of digital marketing is to always be up-to-date and ready to change strategies whenever required.

“Disrupt or Die is today’s new mantra” is one of the most important aspects that Makarand shares with his clients. He says, “Disruption starts with you. Only then, you can help disrupt your clients’ businesses”. The digital transformation should be a process that the entrepreneurs lead. They shouldn’t be led by it. Taking control helps to work more efficiently, embrace the possibilities and chances while keeping the risks as low as possible. Customers of Makarand are impressed about how he helps to get a new perspective, find new solutions, and take companies and their marketing to the next level.

This goes from brand recognition, customer engagement, to multimedia presence and SEO, SEM & content marketing.

“Making yourself uncomfortable on daily basis and knowing that you’re only good as your last at bat and giving yourself a permission to experiment and fail is the key to staying grounded and becoming successful in today’s modern digital businesses” – Makarand Utpat

Regardless of the industry, digital marketing is a must. Brand growth and inbound marketing are just one part of it. It takes continuous commitment and a comprehensive approach to goals and objectives. It is a process of understanding the opportunities, taking them, and adapting them to the business model for the best outcome. A business must be clear about its capability analysis, skillset, and knowledge capital. It goes on with a professional quality check and assurance.

With working on important marketing questions and advising with a long history of experience Makarand is the number one coach and practitioner a business can ask to strengthen its reputation, be relevant and present in the online world, and use the full potential of digital marketing.

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