The Global Celebrity Magazine Disrupting Media Industry

There are hardly any latest news and media startups that have survived in recent years. In the age of advanced digital technology, people are uploading millions of content every single second. Whether it is on social media or other platforms, there are rarely authentic news providers that can be trusted. Most of the media business owners are sharing clickbait to attract visitors and grow ads revenue. Because of these tactics, media companies are losing authority and are shutting down.

Enter The Global Celebrity magazine. Started as a solo project, the media company has a global reach and people working from different parts of the world. Where media businesses are hustling to generate a couple of hundreds of visitors, The Global Celebrity magazine is bringing more than half a million traffic. The success of the magazine is extraordinary and has established it as one of the promising global aggregator websites. Unlike many news publications that issue 1 to 5 posts every hour, The Global Celebrity magazine generates over 20 articles every 5 mins on all categories.

How to start a celebrity magazine?

Right now there are millions of bloggers who run fashion or celebrity websites. One of the reasons is that celebrity magazines can become successful in a very short time. Celebrity lifestyle always seems luxurious and for normal people it’s fascinating. Hearing stories or the day-to-day lifestyle of celebrities provides a good entertainment value to the audience. Before you start the magazine you should always have the perfect plan. Magazines can be expensive because you need to hire multiple writers, editors, and more. Numerous people have been able to run a successful fashion or celebrity blog working solo. Before starting you need to see the vision of your business and work accordingly.

The Global Celebrity Magazine Disrupting Media Industry
The Global Celebrity Magazine Disrupting Media Industry


Owning a magazine means running a business. You need to figure out all the details that will help the media business to grow and provide a good return on investment. As a business owner, you need to know how your competitors are doing and what are their secrets to success. 

Hire a team

Even if you are at the beginning of your magazine journey. You need to start hiring professionals or experts. This is one of the best ways to ensure success in your business

Quality content

The media business is all about content. Numerous business owners write articles and publish them without proper proofreading. Readers don’t trust media whose content is poorly written. As a magazine, your core value should always be quality content for the audience. 


Monetization is one of the important things in business. To pay the running cost and to be able to scale the growth, your magazine should make a good income. One of the easiest ways to start receiving revenue is having an online magazine. People spend hours on social media and checking websites. Having online visibility will help your magazine to receive ads revenue. Another monetization method is to have a YouTube channel for your magazine. Here you can publish video content and receive ads revenue.

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