Shannika Laurey and A New Vision 2.0: Redefining Cleanliness and Community Empowerment

Shannika Laurey is a star in the world of commercial and residential cleaning for excellence, commitment, and community empowerment. In addition, she has redefined the cleaning industry through her company “A New Vision 2.0” that not only provides outstanding services, but also creates jobs and engenders a sense of community. Shannika has a vision to increase her product reach within the nation while maintaining high standards of quality and integrity.

The Birth of A New Vision 2.0.

Shannika’s journey into the realm of cleaning services started when she turned 15 and first dreamed of having her cleaning company. Moving forward, A New Vision 2.0 just marked its three years’ anniversary. From one person’s humble beginning in 2020 to an adequately staffed robust enterprise, through the sheer will of Shannika’s entrepreneurship.

My goal for A New Vision 2.0 in the future is to become a national cleaning company with multiple locations throughout the US. I hope to become a franchisor offering franchise packages under the A New Vision Brand- Shannika Laurey

The Importance of Professional Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional cleaning company is important and Shannika Laurey’sA New Vision 2.0” demonstrates why. Here are some key reasons why working with a professional cleaning service is essential:

Expertise: Professional cleaning companies provide qualified staff with the relevant experience, modern equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. Such ability guarantees complete and effective cleaning.

Time and Convenience: When an individual or a business outsources the janitorial tasks to such professionals it is able to spare the time and channel it into its core business areas. In this era where there are no more times, this is priceless.

Health and Hygiene: Health and hygiene are prioritized here. Therefore, the cleaners are used to remove harmful bacteria, allergens as well as pollutants. As a result, it creates a clean and safe environment for all.

Superior Results: In terms of cleaning, a professional cleaning company can do better than DIY. This makes sure that spaces are not only clean but shining.

Customized Solutions: Professional cleaning firms are able to customize their services based on the unique requirements of their respective customers, ranging from in-depth cleaning, periodic upkeep, and specialized solutions such as carpets and fabrics washing.

Shannika Laurey
Shannika Laurey

Shannika Laurey’s Dedication to Client Services

Shannika’s vision goes beyond just cleaning; it includes the health and welfare of clients and fellow workers. Her success lies in the fact that A New Vision 2.0 is characterized by Shannika’s personalized touch and commitment to the clients. She knows that every customer is different; therefore, she makes sure that the company always takes into account each customer’s specifications. This custom-made approach promotes the development of trustworthy relationships as well as loyalty between Shannika and her clients.


Growth mindset and a competitive set of skills back her laudable achievements in the cleaning industry. When facing challenges, she is unwavering in her thirst for knowledge and a determination to learn and improve herself and her work. In fact, Shannika’s ability to work with extreme care and accuracy of cleanliness results in providing a superior cleaning service. Her commitment to excel in excellence remains unparalleled among the industry players. In addition to her business prowess, Shannika remains an inspiring figure for women in business. The fact that with strong determination and excellent performance, one can turn his/her childhood dream into a successful business is shown by her story. 

Shannika Laurey is an inspiration to a million young girls aspiring to be entrepreneurs, showing that success has no gender and that a little bit of fire and determination can bring about some very big achievements.

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