The Top 5 Women Beauty Influencers of 2022

Long gone are the days when we think of the term social media influencer meaning simply someone who posts for likes on social media. 

These content creators have used their influence to discover multiple revenue streams. They have developed their own brands into thriving multifaceted businesses. They are no longer just social media influencers. They are CEOs. 

In this article, we’ll share our top 5 beauty influencers of 2022 and what makes them the powerhouses that they are.  

#5 – Anne Marie

Anne Marie was named one of the top 5 mature beauty vloggers by Huffpost in 2015, and she is still active as one of the top beauty content creators. She is over 50 years old and shares anti-aging and beauty tips. Anne loves makeup, skin, and hair care products and generates revenue through her own online stores on Amazon (USA, UK, and Canada) where interested people can buy her favorite products. 

A large portion of Anne’s income is made via YouTube brand deals where Anne is able to sign contracts at the top of the influencer pay scale. 

Anne has over 145K subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have more than 13 million views. 

Anne has a paid private group where she recommends home treatments & tropical products rather than anti-aging with botox, fillers, or facial surgery and has honed in on this specific group of fans.

Anne’s net worth is over $150,000!


#4- Brenda Tan

Brenda Tan is a YouTuber from Singapore. She has over 19.7K followers on Instagram and shares beauty content. She has comprehensive knowledge about filmmaking, digital storytelling, and social media which has helped her to create engaging content and make it trending. 

Brenda has over 53.1K subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have more than 6.7 million views. She also owns an online store that sells vintage and contemporary jewelry for modern women.  Brenda also owns WordWeed which is a paid online community hosted on her personal website as well as on Facebook which generates several revenue streams for her business. 

What is commendable about Brenda is her approach to business and affluence at such a young age. 

Brenda’s net worth is currently over $200,000! 



Stacy is a licensed beauty expert, who has extensive knowledge of the aesthetics industry. With her content, she empowers women to age gorgeously inside and out. What is impressive about her is the dedication she puts towards creating informative content for the audiences who want to take care of and enhance their beauty.

She has more than 30 years of experience as a salon & spa owner, stylist, permanent makeup artist, and aesthetician. With her YouTube channel “Gorgeously Aging Advance” she is on a mission to educate people about the importance of self-love and safety methods. Stacy’s has been empowering women to bring transformation in their life and skin care. Something that differentiates her from others in the beauty industry is her belief to provide high-quality service to the customer/ audience rather than trying to sell unauthentic products. 

Stacy currently has more than 9.8K subscribers on YouTube and uploads videos within a few days of interval. Her videos have been watched almost half a million times on YouTube. 

Talking about income sources, Stacy has an official website where she promotes different products that she believes in. She makes passive income with affiliate sales and she also has Patreons, where people can buy subscriptions according to their needs. She currently offers; Anti-aging & wellness for $3 per month, Facial rejuvenation for $5 per month, and Gorgeous VIP for $10 per month. People who are committed can pay annually and save 15%.

Currently, she has 144 exclusive posts on Patreon. 

Out of her numerous Gorgeously aging advance groups ( on Facebook) is another strong income source. Members have to pay a one-time $99 fee to get the request approved. 


#2 – Lia Leigh

Lia Leigh is a powerhouse entrepreneur and YouTuber (167K subscribers) based in the United States. Her channel has over 13.4 million video views and her content is focused on skincare, body care, and all over health & beauty.

She is now a Licensed Esthetician. With Her business Glam by Lialeigh, she provides personalized one-on-one skincare coaching and home skin care products.  

Lia specializes in acne-prone skin and color correction. She also owns a studio spa in Florida. Lia’s net worth is over 2 million dollars! 


#1 Annie Boatright

Annie Boatright is our top pick. Annie is a Powerhouse in every sense of the word. She has earned our top slot due to the fact that although her actual follower number is not the highest of the five, don’t be deceived. Annie has been able to convert those numbers in a more effective and beneficial way. 

Annie is the creator of Bikini Iron Beauty and CEO of LuxLipLab. Lux Lip Lab, a very popular online luxury Korean skincare boutique based in the US that has quadrupled in volume every year since opening in 2019. 

Bikini Iron Beauty collaborates with other businesses for sponsored brand deals via YouTube and collects money from Instagram reels, stories, and google for regular posts. Bikini Iron Beauty also hosts two online paid beauty subscription groups where members can join to get more information about the fitness and beauty content that she provides. 

Annie also selectively collaborates with 6 outside companies earning monthly revenue in the form of affiliate commissions from percentages of monthly sales. Her affiliate reports show that she is able to consistently generate 70,000- 120,000 revenue in one month for each company.  

Annie has several projects on the books for 2022 and is launching her own fitness wear line this summer as well as another top secret brand deal that we are not yet able to mention here. She is a beauty influencer with entrepreneurial creativity combined with strategic business skills and not only focuses on her brand businesses but also has several investments with her husband in the form of real estate and investments with her financial advisor. 

What makes her different from other influencers is her diversified portfolio in beauty, fitness, real estate, investments, retail sales, affiliate deals, and branded products. 

This diversity allows for over 15 individually consistent revenue streams which makes her the powerhouse of beauty affiliates in our eyes. 

Annie has over 35.5K subscribers on YouTube with over 1.4 million views and over 100,000 combined Instagram followers. Her online websites, social media platforms, and groups have in combination over 20 million hits, views, purchases, or interactions annually and continue to grow on all platforms.

Annies net worth is currently estimated at over 7 million dollars! 


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