Cleopatra Fitzgerald on Global Suicide Crisis

Cleopatra Fitzgerald a well-known international public figure is advocating suicide prevention which can be prevented by analysis. 

Ms.Fitzgerald explains: 

Suicide is an alarming global problem that disrupts society and billions of dollars are lost in attempted suicides and suicides. Suicide victims frequently believed that suicide was a liberation and in desperation they chose this unfortunate action.

Workplaces,schools,and others should have policies against hostile environment,surveillance and reporting of incidents. 

Medical misdiagnosis is harming people, there exists a list of medications,painkillers,drugs that have been noted to cause suicidal thoughts. 

Factors resulting in suicide are: 

Stereotypes, body shaming,bullying,cyberbullying, peer pressure, objectification,discrimination, break-ups,divorce, deaths, personal issues, legal,financial, alcohol,drugs,sexual abuse, chronic illness,disease,country/region laws,environment,weather, legality of Euthanisa, suicide contagion (media,movies,pro-suicide books,websites),lack of support and proper medical unbiased care,poverty,the stressors and much more. 

Fitzgerald says: 

*If a person undergoes a crisis or extreme loss -then, family, friends,colleagues should be an emotional support group. 

*Social media, media in general not to exalt suicide 

– children,teenagers looking to role models can be negatively influenced. 

*Stricter laws on social media,games,general media indirect/direct harassment (no pro suicide sites) indoctrination. 

*Equal access to affordable education,fair paying jobs,sick leave, retirement benefits,access to unbiased healthcare,affordable rents.

* Commission watchdog on false medical misdiagnosis and where the trillion dollars are wasted on. 

*Safe relaxing areas for recreation and leisure 

*No inciting by teachers bad influencing agitation among students with differing perspectives. 

Cleopatra Fitzgerald on Global Suicide Crisis
Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Cleopatra indicates the list below is not all-inclusive: 

The motives for suicide among certain age groups,races,religions,society levels, genders,lifestyles vary and each individual faces diverse experiences and backgrounds.

*Men Suicides: Relationship breakups,emasculation,stereotypes,discrimination, legal,financial,convictions issues,unemployment,ageing,alcohol,drug,sex abuse,health,bullying,peer pressure,unhappy relationships,being expelled from a job,difficult tiring jobs,losses and so forth. 

*Women Suicides:Relationship breakups, stereotypes,discrimination, alcohol,drug, sex abuse,health issues,legal,financial problems,bullying,domestic violence, inconvenient marriages or relationships, stress, taking care of children, low paying and laborious jobs, postpartum depression, pre-menopause symptoms, ageing,losses,opioids and other overdoses,lack of support,etc. 

*Children and Teenage Suicides: Bullying,cyberbullying,family breakups or problems,sibling rivalry,substance abuse, physical,mental,sexual abuse,neglect,family history of suicides, losses or rejection,peer pressure,repression,objectification,indecisiveness with their gender or sexual identity, stress,attempting feats of daring risking their lives, failing grades,easy access to drugs,arms,unsupportive relatives,friends,family,negative influence by media or other, etc 

*Elderly Suicides: Declining health, physical deterioration, chronic health, illness, substance or sexual abuse, feeling of isolation or unwantedness, losses, do not want to be cared by others, unemployed, legal,financial issues, family issues,stereotypes,discrimination,negligence, monotomy,etc. 

There are numerous studies that aid in understanding suicides, these comprise: Suicidology,Cultural Anthropology, Sociology,Forensic Pathology,Psychology, SocioEconomics,Biology, Global Demographics, Statistics,Politics,Laws,Gerontology, Gender Studies,Conflict Resolution, and far more. 

Cleopatra declares: 

Life is precious, do not let ill intentioned critics define who you are.

Do not listen to those oppressing you, there are ways to overcome whatever your situation is. People will be hurt by your absence and you let adversaries the pleasure of seeing you as a failure which you are not. You have the capacity to survive and look to the bright side of life. Remember your achievements or how you have helped appreciative persons, never give up! 

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