Asta Jakubson

Asta Jakubson, an Irish based designer, debuted her collection at Palais Clement Massier during OFF de Cannes – an offshoot of the Cannes Film Festival. Aptly named, ‘Be Powerful not Powerless,’ the collection was centred around the French heroine Joan of Arc which is translated into the looks seen on the runway.  

The collection is Designer 5G Clothing ( garments are handmade in Ireland from 99.9% sustainable silver fibres. The benefits of wearing this fabric:

  •  Silver contains ions that aid against colds and viruses. 
  •  Protects the body from harmful radiation and electromagnetic waves in electronic gadgets such as WiFi, mobile phones and microwaves. 
  • This radiation has been proven to mutate human cells,  causing hormone imbalance, headaches, dizziness, anxiety and even cancer. This fabric protects from this radiation.
  • Regulates body temperature especially during menopause.
  • Protects your heart & lungs & reduces stress.

During the height of the pandemic, Jakubson lost her mother to COVID-19. As a result, the Lithuanian-born designer set out to produce electromagnetic-force clothing that is not only practical, but fashionable.  “I don’t want anyone to feel the pain of losing a loved one so I have created a collection with huge health benefits to protect all of us & our loved ones from this invisible killer that surrounds us everyday”

The international award-winning fashion designer showcased her millinery expertise through a host of charming headwear. Models graced the runway wearing crystal-embellished mesh veils.” Joan of Arc inspired me for my collection as a woman warrier in the fight against electromagnetic fields & 5G”

Numerous scarves and tops were gathered at the bodice giving a very flattering shape. Shimmering silver-grey made from this 99.9% silver protective fabric and black gowns gently glide over the body to a floor-grazing length.  Other dresses were defined by appliqué, which caught the light as models sauntered down the runway. One of the many eye-catching looks was a slate-blue dress, which was made in an elaborate floral broderie anglaise. The figure-hugging silhouette featured cut-out panels at the back. 

The Global Celebrity

Asta Jakubson is the first Irish-based designer to showcase a collection that connects fashion with health! The venue was the perfect place to do this while rubbing shoulders with some of the top movie stars at the Forbes VIP party!

The Global Celebrity

In honour of the occasion, the designer has been asked to present her own award called “The Charisma” on behalf of her success mentoring company, Unpolished Diamond Ltd. This award is a representation of one’s inner glow and beauty. With so many artists to choose from, this award event will be taking place online at a later date. 

You can check out the collection at

“ Be Powerful not Powerless”

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